This website designed for “Joe the Plumber” who has only heard or read about body scanning, but does not have a clue as to the medical scanners out in the world developed by these world leading companies who have designed the equipment. The links below will take you to the four major players in this new age of technology. This will help you in your search for answers on what make, model or type of scan your Doctor or you may feel you need.
Body scanning is non-invasive scan for early disease detection with tracking capability, and an in depth way taking you on a 3-dimensional computerized view through your own body from the HEAD to TOE detecting early signs of many diseases listed below.
Back Disease Heart Disease Cancer Kidney & Gall Stones
Osteoporosis Aneurysms Benign Tumors Ovarian Disease
Endocrine Disease Vascular Disease Emphysema Prostate Disease

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